Professor Biagio Grasso is an experienced lawyer in Civil Law, particularly in relation to Common Law and Civil Liability. His professional qualifications come from forty years of practicing law which has brought him also to the Italian High Courts and from his academic work undertaken during his tenure as Professor of Civil Law at the well-known and prestigious University of Naples Federico II for more than 30 years. This has led him to be an important scholar and personality in scientific debate of the entire sector of Italian Civil Law. Based upon the recommendation of his peers, he received the prestigious appointment of ‘Professor Emeritus’ of Civil Law, bestowed to him by the Ministry of Scientific Research (an award of the highest honor, given to those who have made important contributions to the study and implementation of law).

Professor Biagio Grasso, therefore, has the specialized knowledge and competence to undertake even the most complex and problematic issues that may arise within the entire sphere of Italian Law. Recently, he has been involved in many cases relating to professional responsibility resulting from the breach of obligations relating to the conduct of the surgical medical profession, and has represented patients and/or their relatives in seeking compensation.

In other cases, he has defended doctors accused of committing errors during medical operations, and also addressed the issue of the relationship between the responsibility of the medical professional and that of the clinical setting in which the operation took place, as well as the effectiveness of the insurance policy that protects their responsibilities. In other instances, he has assisted patients and/or family members who have claimed damages, considering the faults that were made by medical professionals who may have contributed and aggravated to the medical malpractice made by surgical doctor.