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L’export è la chiave per la crescita del Paese

Le imprese italiane si dimostrano competitive anche in periodi di crisi come quello odierno. Uno dei settori in cui il Paese si dimostra un valido concorrente nel contesto internazionale è quello dell’industria nautica, un comparto che nel 2019 ha registrato 4,78 miliardi di euro di fatturato, con un incremento del 12% rispetto al 2018. Sono [...]

Il Covid spinge le pmi italiane ad affrontare il mondo. Il parere dell’avvocato Francesco S. Lauro

Lo Studio Legale Lauro assiste imprese italiane in negoziati e controversie in tutto il mondo. Qual è lo scenario in cui operano le imprese italiane nell’era del Covid-19? Il PIL italiano è previsto in calo del 10% nel 2020 e in rialzo del 5% nel 2021. Questa crisi accelererà non solo l’avvento di nuove tecnologie [...]

Guarantee of performance in the acquisition of company shares

1. The background – The complex economic scenario resulting from the 2008 global crisis has affected, in different ways, areas of business conduct that had previously been largely immune from uncertainty, inability or unwillingness of the parties involved to maintain and perform the actions required of them in order to properly implement their intentions and [...]

Chambers Global Practice Guide -Shipping – Law and Practice

1 Overview 1.1 Regulatory Bodies Maritime activities in Italy are generally conducted under the overall supervision of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, whose many functions are carried out by the General Command of the Coast Guard (see Article 13, paragraph 2, of the Prime Minister's Decree 11 72, February 2014), in some areas through [...]

Places of refuge

In recent years requests from ships in distress seeking refuge in coastal waters and ports have given rise to difficult legal questions and also often become politically sensitive. Traditionally, when the only issue was human lives in danger, it was not questioned that a ship in distress was entitled to refuge by coastal States. Likewise, [...]

Five Speeches on Civil Liability for Marine Pollution

Extract from the ‘Editor’s Note’ In October 2013, at the fourth edition of ‘Shipping and the Law’, the annual Naples gathering of the international shipping community organized by Studio Legale Lauro, Måns Jacobson took over the torch as the conference legal key note speaker from Francesco Berlingieri, who had performed the role with such distinction [...]

Restructuring agreements under Italian law

Restructuring agreements under Italian law

Shipbuilding transaction in jeopardy: fighting or renegotiating?

Shipbuilding transaction in jeopardy: fighting or renegotiating?